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Kessil Available in Dallas, TX

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The Dense Matrix is the patented technology that sets Kessil apart from the competition.

Odyssey Pets is proud to carry Kessil in Dallas, Texas. The concept of Kessil started with three UC Berkeley graduates: a plant biologist, a computer scientist, and a physicist. The plant biologist is an avid hobbyist who dabbles in indoor farming and recognizes the importance of good lighting. The computer scientist has years of working with Lithium (a leading company that connects online communities to businesses) and knows the benefits of producing and refining a product through social media interactions with customers. Lastly, the physicist has over a decade of experience in the photonics industry with DiCon Fiberoptics, Inc. and has a deep understanding of the strength in DiCon's high power LED platform. Adding to these three personalities are years of close friendship and experience in working together on various projects.


  • A360X
  • AP700
  • A360WE
  • Tuna Blue
  • Tuna Sun
  • H160 Tuna Flora
  • H80 Tuna Flora

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