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Freeze-Dried Frenzy!

Deal Info:

  • Start: June 01, 2022
  • End: June 30, 2022


It's Freeze-dried Frenzy Month at OP! Freeze-dried food is a nutritious powerhouse that can be used as a full meal, an enticing topper, or healthy treats. Try something new and take advantage of these savings:
Smallbatch--$2 off 7oz bites, $3 off 14oz, $4 off 25oz
Northwest Naturals--$2 off treats, $4 off 11oz & 12oz, $8 off 28oz
Steve's--$3 off
Bixbi--$1 off 3.5oz, $3 off 14oz, $5 off 30oz
Stella & Chewy's--$2 off 3.5oz mixers, $3 off 5.5oz, $6 off 14oz, $10 off 25oz
Open Farm--$2 off 3.5oz, $3.50 off 13.5oz