You CAN bet on it - canned food is a nutritional powerhouse!   

In many ways, canned food is superior to kibble. One of the biggest benefits of canned food over kibble is the moisture content.   

If your dog or cat is like many canines and felines, they are most likely not drinking enough water. Wet dog food can help keep your pet hydrated because it has a higher moisture content than dry food (about 10% moisture compared to 70% moisture for cans). Protein percentages will also seem a lot higher for dry kibble. However, when you convert your wet food to a dry matter basis, you can see how much more protein is in canned foods as compared to dry kibble - even from the same brand!   

Another benefit of canned food: Ingredients are less processed and closer to their natural state. So, canned products are more palatable and nutritious.   

Now, the cans we are talking about are high quality and do not contain corn syrup, by-product, or other icky ingredients that are less desirable and unhealthy.   

Key highlights of canned food   

-Higher in meat based protein   

-Lower in carbohydrates   

-More appetizing   

-Fewer added chemicals and perservaties   

-Fresher and has a longer shelf life   

-More filling   

-Great for all ages - especially very young or old dogs and cats   

-Easier to chew and digest   

Wet food is also very versatile! Offer it as a great topper with kibble, feed it as a full meal, use it to fill a KONG, or other enrichment toy, or freeze it for an excellent tasty summer pup-sicle!