Step up your feeding game!  

Just like us, incorporating fresh foods into your pet's diet is incredibly beneficial for achieving optimal health. Fresh foods can help improve your pet's nutrition by boosting their immunity, aiding in digestion and gut health, and supporting their joint and bone health.  

The first step when looking to boost your pet's diet is to make sure you are starting with a balanced meal as a base. Whether that be a high quality kibble or a raw diet, you want to build from a solid foundation.  

The next step is to add moisture!  

Moisture is key to any pet's diet, especially if you are feeding a kibble based diet. Kibble only provides 6-10% of the moisture our pets need, and simply drinking water is not enough. There are many wonderful options available including goat's milk, kefir, and bone broth. These not only offer much needed moisture, but also flavor, plenty of probiotics, electrolytes, fatty acids, and vitamins and minerals.  

If you are feeding a kibble or wet food based diet, adding a little bit of raw or lightly cooked food is a great way to introduce more fresh food into your pet's diet without breaking the bank. Alternatively, sprinkling some Freeze-Dried or Air-Dried food as a topper is another excellent way to add some tasty variety along with boosting nutrition in your pet's bowl.  

Relax, don't get overwhelmed. We encourage that you try different things and rotate your toppers and mixers to give your furry friends variety, nutrition, and interest. Plus, this April, save big on some of our favorite bowl boosters!  

So stop by Odyssey Pets and explore the many ways you can Build a Better Bowl!