We all know how important it is to meet our dogs daily exercise needs, but providing your dogs with enough mental stimulation can be just as important and have some major benefits for the health and wellbeing of your dog. Like humans, dogs need mental & physical stimulation to support a happy & healthy brain. This May, Odyssey Pets is highlighting our favorite enrichment toys in order to help educate owners how important this pet product category really is. 

Dogs "see" the world and gather information with their noses. Therefore, smelling and sniffing is an extremely stimulating and calming activity, and thus can be immensely beneficial for combating behavioral issues. 

Chewing isn't just for puppies! Dogs of all ages love to chew and it's a really calming, stress-relieving activity that will help them to relax. Also, licking has the same effect and is great for senior dogs that may not be able to chew well anymore. We love to fill a Chilly Penguin toy with peanut butter, bone broth, or goat milk to keep it healthy and tasty at the same time. 

Safe & various difficulty levels of puzzle toys help stimulate dog's brains to support healthy growth. Puzzle toys can come in various formats. There's actual puzzles that the dog has to figure out and lift or move trap doors to get to the treat, or there's also snuffle mats, the Paw 5 Rock N' Bowl, and our favorite, snuffle balls! They have to find the treats that are hidden in the toys. 

Fun Fact: Mentally stimulating play with toys requires more energy than walking for an hour in the park. How's that for a timesaver! 

So come check out all the innovative enrichment pet products we've curated. We can help you pick your new dog's favorite new toy.