Allergies. Everyone is suffering right now. My Harley is too. She is an English Bulldog and everyone knows how bad they get allergies. Most dogs with allergies end up with a prescription from the vet which are not always the most natural and can get expensive super fast! As a way to keep my meatball happy and me not broke, I have done a ton of research and a lot of trial and error for what works for her to be happy and healthy. The number one thing Harley has issues with is her coat itching. Sometimes she will walk around the house rubbing up against the walls trying to itch that spot she just can't seem to reach. That's why she loves her once-a-week bath with the Cannalove Allergy Shampoo. I like it because it smells like a tropical vaycay. Harley likes it because it really does soothe her itchy skin and it makes her coat super soft. In between her baths, she gets the Cannalove Anti-Parasitic Treats. They are amazing at keeping her yeast levels down so her wrinkles don't get all itchy...and she hates it when her wrinkles itch! She starts pawing at her face and shoving her head in between the couch cushions, crazy girl! Her favorite time is definitely food time. On her kibble, she gets the Super Shrooms powder to keep her immune system running at peak condition but you have to mix it in really good otherwise it will get up her nose. 

Of course, in between all this there is a large amount of playing and running around like a nut-ball outside with her brother, Linus who is a whole other can of worms, but when they come inside we wipe off their paws with a damp towel so they don't have any grass or pollen on their feet. Otherwise, Harley will be chewing on her paws non-stop. This is what works for Harley, but every dog is unique and different. That's why with allergies there is no one size fits all. Trial and error worked for me.

--Becky Chaney, team member at Odyssey Pets